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Balicasag is a small island off the coast of Panglao Island, Bohol. It is a marine sanctuary with white sand beach and amazing corals in the deep water. It is 600 meters in diameter and may be explored within 45 minutes. Balicasag Island is known and best for snorkeling and diving spot and you can swim in the crystal clear water.

Balicasag Island, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines


If you are in Luzon, take a plane going to Tagbiliran City. If you are in Visayas or Mindanao area, you can ride a fast ferry, a boat or a plane going to Tagbiliran City.  

       From Tagbiliran City you can ride a car, motorcycle or a tricycle going to Panglao Island specifically in Alona Beach. There you will find many motorized boats that will ferry you to Balicasag island.  The rates around 1,600 per boat for a round. The price of the boat can be change.


Balicasag Island is a truly a wonderful destination for tourists in the Philippines. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling, and dolphin watching. Many tourists visited in the island it’s because of the wonders of the corals and the different kind of fish can be found. You can play with the fish by feeding them a loaf bread. 

You can watch this video about exploring Balicasag Island. Credits to the video owner by Travel Toujours with Gresa.

  Bohol sea is one of the richest waters in marine biodiversity in the country and home to many species of turtles and dolphins. Balicasag Island is blessed with bounty of different kind of fish and amazing corals. Book now and enjoy your stay here in Bohol, Philippines! Discover and Behold Bohol!


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