Strawberries in Baguio, North Luzon island

Baguio City, is a Highly urbanized in northern luzon of the Philippines, Its mountainous location now also known as summer capital of the Country, Baguio is abundance of forest reserve and pine trees People  come all say the same thing when its time to leave. They want to go back one more time and ride “Buttercup,” that nice pony at the wright park who is owned by their new friend, ” Or maybe they want to ride that swan-shaped boat at burnharm And to Visit The Local market which is colorful native products and also the knight fish market will be complete of the tours.

We recommend staying in one of the countryside  style hotels, which are located a little bit outside of the city. Enjoy the peace and freshness of nature. Walk to the city and enter the Baguio central market. You will discover a wide range of local products such as handicraft and food items. Relax in one of the numerous cafes and restaurant such as the Café at the ruins. They serve wonderful local coffee and pastries. In addition you can also get your learning experience about the history of Baguio.

Around the village Aside from its unique mix of natural and historical attractions, a combination of cultures that incorporates Spanish, American, and native Ibaloi and Cordilleran tribal influences gives the city..