El Nido, Palawan island


El nido is especially noted for snorkeling sites and a lot colorful fish around of Sanctuary must see sight for all, It is a place where we can just relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of exploring the hidden wonders of Bacuit Bay.


The idyllic region of El Nido consisted of turquoise blue lagoons and numerous small often deserted islands, guarantees a magnificent stay, printed by romanticism, peace and relaxation.
Today, in one of the most remote island of El Nido exists the laboratory and the workplace of Jewelmer, one of the most prestigious farmer of pearls in the world…


.,Palawan Island, known as the last frontier of the Philippines, is a real jewel of greenery, a natural paradise where still coexist big areas of rain forest.
The beaches of fine white sand, the abrupt cliffs of limestone as well as mangrove swamps sculpt the coastal landscape.