Cambugahay waterfalls in Siquijor island, Visayas


 SIQUIJOR ISLAND is one of the delightful island in the Philippines



Who is up for some adventure? well this is not a usual adventure such as diving and rock climbing not even wakeboarding and bunjee jumping. hmmmm its more of a SuperNatural Adventure yeah you heard it right SuperNatural Adventure. and what kind of SuperNatural Adventure? well in this destination we are going to Explore Siquijor The Mystic Island Of The Philippines.


Filipinos call it mystic for it is so mysterious many believe that black magic truly exist in the island not only that it is also believe that the island is home to “ASWANG” filipinos equivalent to Dracula,Vampire or Monster but i tell you “ASWANG” is more interesting as they are human in the morning and can be a snake,pig,cat,dog or whatever animal




Siquijor is the southern most island in the Visayan Island group in the Philippines. It is about 3O kilometers southeast of Negros Island and about 5O kilometers from the closest point of northwestern Mindanao. It is separated from the other islands by the Tañon Strait on the northwest, the Sulu Sea on the southwest and the Mindanao Sea on the South. The topography is hilly but it is also surrounded by stretches of white sandy shorelines.




From Manila, scheduled airlines fly to Cebu City and Dumaguete City, where transfers to inter-island ferries can be arranged. There are three seaports on the island. Smaller commercial ships use the port on the towns of Lazi and Larena. These ports are the main trunklines for travelers to and from the neighboring islands of Negros, Bohol, Cebu and northwestern Mindanao. The third port, on the town of Siquijor, is used mainly for motorized outriggers and launches that ferry daily to and from Dumaguete City on the island of Negros