Local children in the Philippines


A local and non touristic adventure

Our tours are out of the beaten paths. Eco friendly, cultural and heritage oriented, we deliver exciting discoveries including contacts and inter actions with the local population.

Our guests will escape from the forced stops “restaurant”, “shopping” and other destinations of mass tourism where most of all the guides are appointed.


A special and flexible journey made for you

We design and propose turnkey journeys to meet high expectations and satisfy all the desires of exotic travel, from relaxation to adventures. Plus, we will let a large flexibility to our guests during all the journey. Our guides will know how to adapt to the situations, envy of the moment, personality and profile of our customers.

Our travel concept is particularly conceived for families, small groups of friends, submarine divers, golfers & lovers looking for an unforgettable honeymoon in the tropics.


Mixing experiences

We particularly like mixing experiences, it is a part of our added value. In accordance with the destinations and when it is possible, we invite our customers to live alternatively in luxury hotels, boutique resorts, luxury villas and then in a delightful home stay with Filipinos.


Special activities

We provide to international travelers the ultimate in personalized service with a concierge and “white gloves” approach. We create unique and inspired itineraries, with very special activities that are not normally available and require significant time and effort to arrange.